Mindways is a UK-based social enterprise that promotes wellbeing, resilience and creativity through mindfulness courses.

We run practical, non-religious mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) courses in London and Cambridge, providing people from all backgrounds with tools and skills to manage stress and live with greater ease. We also develop and deliver tailored mindfulness courses in workplaces across London, Cambridge and beyond.

Our mindfulness courses are designed to enable you to:

  • Find healthy and effective ways of responding to life’s challenges
  • Break free from habitual patterns of thinking and behaviour that may be unhelpful
  • Experience fewer stress-related health problems
  • Be less distracted, and more focused and creative
  • Enjoy living life more fully in each moment

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‘My health has improved and I am a calmer person … my life has changed for the better.’
Barbara, Coulsdon

‘The eight week MBSR course offered by Mindways has been the best investment I have ever made in myself.’
Linda, Surrey

‘This is a fantastic course for anyone who wants to reduce stress and appreciate living in the moment more.’
Clare, Crystal Palace

‘I feel like a different person for the better … A great, positive, rewarding experience and I’m very glad that I took this course.’
Chris, Streatham Common

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