In these times of significant challenge and change, many of us are reflecting on what really matters, and how we can live well in the midst of uncertainty. It’s becoming clear that when we rely on things that we can’t control and are subject to change, we feel insecure. So where can we find a reliable source of stability, and is this even possible?

In our approach we explore what happens when we let go of our attempts to control or resist what’s happening and allow things to be as they are. We listen to what is already here in our own experience, beneath the inner and outer voices that keep us feeling stressed, inadequate and incomplete. We return home to natural awareness, an effortless way of being in which we can be more at ease in the midst of the messiness of our lives and the world around us. 

This is not a recipe for passivity but the foundation for an active engagement with life. When we are living from natural awareness, we respond creatively to what situations need. We are less at the mercy of external conditions, so we feel more secure, and can contribute more effectively to the good of the whole. We discover alternative ways of being that respond to the challenges of our times. 

We offer courses and one-to-one sessions in Cambridge and online to reconnect you with natural awareness. Our approach is inclusive, pragmatic, experiential and non-religious, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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