Coming home to natural awareness – 6 week course

In Cambridge and online. Dates and other details to be confirmed.

Natural awareness is an effortless state of presence in which we feel at ease with what is happening in our current experience. When we are dwelling in natural awareness we realise that what we are looking for is already here: there is nothing we need to do or achieve to experience peace of mind. Thoughts and feelings come and go in the space of awareness and no longer hold us in their grip. We feel connected to others and our surroundings, and can respond intuitively and effectively to opportunities and challenges. 

Each week we’ll come together as a group and collectively tune into the natural awareness that is already accepting ourselves and our experience unconditionally. We’ll see what happens when we pause all the searching, struggling and striving and allow things to be as they are. We’ll engage in natural meditation, experiential exercises, dialogue and simply being together in silence and stillness. There will also be practical guidance on connecting with natural awareness every day, so we can increasingly live and function from this liberating state of mind and way of being. 

Everyone is welcome and no prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

This course will be facilitated by Luke Wreford.

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Feedback from previous mindfulness courses facilitated by Luke:

The course has had a huge impact on my life and I can genuinely recommend it.
Fiona, Weybridge

I feel a much calmer, more peaceful person … A great, positive, rewarding experience.
Chris, Streatham Common

This is an excellent course that guides with care and attention – not intruding but facilitating; not directing but enabling.
Rosie, Wandsworth Common